33th Global History Seminar

10 December, 2009   Nakanoshima center, Osaka University


Tony Webster (Liverpool John Moores University)

The Death Throes of Mercantilism in Britain’s Asian Empire? The Causes & Consequences of the Indian Financial Crises of 1830-34 & 1847



32th Global History Seminar

11 November, 2009   Machikaneyama Kaikan, Osaka University


Catherine Schenk (University of Glasgow, UK)

The Retirement of Sterling as a Reserve Currency after 1945: Lessons for the US Dollar?



31th Global History Seminar

25 March, 2009   Machikaneyama Kaikan


Peter Cain (Sheffield Hallam University)

China, Globalization and the End of Western Civilisation: The British Debate, 1890-1914



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