37th Global History Seminar

9 Deceber, 2010   Graduate School of Letters, Osaka University


Stephen Howe (university of bristol)

Britain's Africa, Harold Macmillan and the Long view of Decolonization, 1960-2010




36th global History Seminar

15 November, 2010   Osaka University


Miles Taylor (Institute of Historical Research, University of London)

Queen Victoria and India




35th global History Seminar

28 July, 2010 Osaka University


Robert McMahon (Ohio State University)

Hisotrical Meanings of the Cold War in the Context of Global Hisotry




34th global History Seminar

23 July, 2010   Machikaneyama Kaikan, Osaka University


Prof. Jie-Huyn Lim (Professor of History, Director of the Research Institute of Comparative History and Culture, Hanyang University, Korea)

A transnational History of Victimhood Nationalism in East Asia and Eastern Europe 


Dr. Rakesh Batabyal (Associate Professor of Jawahalal Nehru University, India)

Countering Hegemony in Eastern Europe -- The Indian Perspective



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