50th Global History Seminar

Osaka, 15th-16th December, 2015

Writing Global History from Southeast Asian Perspectives:

In Honor of Professor Victor Lieberman’s 70th Birthday


Organized by the 9th Division (Global History Project) of the Institute of Academic Initiative,

Osaka University and sponsored by Osaka University


49th Global History Seminar

13th August, 2015
Nakanoshima Center, Osaka University


George Bryan Souza
(Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of History, University of Texas, San Antonio、USA)
Opium and the Company: Maritime Trade and Imperial Finances on Java, 1684-1796



48th Global History Seminar
24th July, 2015
Graduate School of Letters, Osaka University

Om Prakash (Delhi School of Economics and Kansai University)
The Dutch East India Company and Indian Ocean during the early modern period



47th Global History Seminar

14th May, 2015
Osaka Daigaku Kaikan, Osaka University

Gerold Krozewski (University of Free State, South Africa)
The ‘overseas’ world and the European nation-state, 1860s-1960s: research perspectives



46th Global History Seminar
31th March 2015
Graduate School of  Letters, Osaka University

Sun Laichen (Professor, California State University at Fulleton) 
The Age of War-talking: Compilation and Transmission of Military Treatises during the ´Century of Warfare´

 in Eastern Eurasia (c. 1550-1683)


45th Global History Seminar

5th  March, 2015 


Jan Lucassen  (International Institute of Social History, the Netherlands) 
Leo Lucassen   (Leiden University and International Institute of Social History)

Connecting the World: Migration and globalization in the second millennium




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